• What the future of work means for training in your organization

    In a rapidly changing world, previous certainties about the nature of work can no longer be relied upon. This in turn impacts the type of training required for forward-thinking organizations and the people who work within them. We invited Business Futurist Bart Götte from FutureFlock to discuss these issues with HR managers, HR advisors, HR Directors and CEO’s at De Baak, and would like to share the resulting insights with you in this article.

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  • Conflict at work? Yes!

    In flexible and innovative organizations, conflicts are more, not less, likely to occur. Looking the other way or sweeping things under the carpet is not a smart strategy. Five ways to tackle conflicts constructively.

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  • Develop the coaching leader in yourself

    Coaching leadership is becoming increasingly important. Themes like sustainable employability, vitality, and innovation are playing an ever-more prominent role in organizations. Employees are supposed to work longer, to remain healthy, to respond flexibly to change, and to resolve matters from a different perspective.

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  • How can you manage smartly as a change manager?

    Are you a manager or project manager who has to implement change? Saying how things must be done and expecting everyone to obey is an illusion. Everybody knows that. Different interventions at different levels are needed. You can find out what they are during our Personal Effectiveness in Managing Change training course. Here are three tips to be going along with!

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  • How to get people on your side

    Leaders often face the challenge to mobilise people. But it does not have to be hard. According to ‘Motivational Psychology’ it is possible to create circumstances where people like to be mobilised and like to participate.

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  • How do you create an 'innovative mindset' in your team or organization?

    Innovation is high on the agenda of virtually every organization. It’s all about renewal and creating an impact. Don’t disappear behind your desk to come up with an idea that nobody is waiting for, but interact with customers and the world as a way to shape the future. Creating an 'innovative mindset' is a hallmark of new leadership. We’ve got 6 tips for you!

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