Emotional intelligence is the secret of High Performance teams

You can only achieve high performance in your team by combining 'hard' goals with emotional intelligence. People are not machines. Excellent social skills and handling emotions well are crucial to achieve results. Read more about this and how you successfully combine these two.

People are social human beings who react emotionally to events. At work, emotions are often put on the back burner. People focus on their tasks instead. They therefore work task-oriented. But emotions cannot simply be ignored. They are always there, beneath the surface. This is why people respond differently to the same event. Responses are the result of unconscious patterns, assumptions and personal values.

Use emotions, don’t exclude them

When a team is not ‘in sync’, it is often because there are issues beneath the surface. For example, a team member does not agree with a management decision. He feels so demotivated by this that his work suffers. Or someone has the assumption that 'pretence' is anti-social and therefore takes a half-hearted attitude in his or her task as project leader, because they’re afraid to ‘favor’ someone from their team. The ability to talk about this, can quickly clear the air and everyone can continue with the project with confidence and pleasure. You can’t ignore emotional reactions so you might as well use them as a motivator or connector. So always be prepared to talk about emotions, assumptions and values.

Positive stress due to shared values

In most organizations and project teams, personal responsibility is now put first. Organizations assume that well-qualified, professional and involved employees will let you know when they have questions or suggestions for improvement. Do you put the needs of your customers first? Then you cannot impose a jungle of rules. 'Checking' is old-fashioned. Inspiring people with 'values' can be a driving force. Linking the organization's ‘why’ to someone’s personal motivation: ‘why do I get out of my bed?‘.

'Who do we want to be for our customers?'

This question for example, can be answered by 4 core values: speed, respect, attention and quality. Having these 4 values in mind with every customer can be very motivating and can result in very satisfied customers, often leading to new customers.

People become curious, innovative and proactive

Communicating clearly what the underlying intention of the organization or a project is can put employees in a 'High Performance' state. In this state a lot of positivity and good energy is activated. People become curious, innovative and proactive. However, it is important to know that after this experience people should take the time to rest well. Because it takes almost as much energy as a negative stress experience does.

Develop a 'winners' mindset

'Winning at all costs' usually results in a short-lived and therefore not very sustainable result. But every game you play gets more exciting when you want to win together. Do you try hard to motivate people? And to connect team members and make sure they trust each other? Then they are more prepared to learn quickly when they don’t perform well. A transparent, confrontational performance management report then becomes a motivating factor. A clear goal with a challenge just above everyone's 'ability' and an 'open' culture can be the oil between the parts.

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