Young talent, old habit

A beautiful balancing act

Rob Klinkert, Portfolio Manager Facility Management at PwC and ex-participant of de Baak Strategy Programme, talks about talent.

Rob faces the difficult task to be dynamic and flexible with ‘old bricks’. Facilities Management needs to take PwC’s business into consideration – and preferably be one step ahead. What does the digital age, working across borders and European cooperation mean for your housing needs for example? In the face of a rapidly changing world we have to anticipate, Rob believes. This is a big challenge for Facilities Management because of old habits and traditional processes, making it very important to stay on top of innovation and have a clear strategy.

We have to accelerate and anticipate

PwC aims to attract and keep young and talented people
This is a priority for PwC. Today, the average age at PwC is 33 years. Just competing in employment conditions is not enough anymore to attract young talent. ‘Making a difference’ is. Therefore PwC aims to reach ‘zero waste’ in 2020 and wants to be completely circular in 2030. Furthermore, young and highly qualified people would like the organisation they work for to share the same values as them. And they would like to feel a ‘vibe’: a friendly environment preferably in existing buildings, to showcase the ‘circular’ ambition of the organisation.

You learn to share your story in 1 simple sentence
Rob experienced de Baak’s Strategic Programme as very valuable. “You learn how to give an interesting and attractive pitch. A pitch that is no doubt very different than the pitch you gave when you started the programme! Initially I was more focussed on myself and how others see me. But soon I learned other people matter – and how important it is to identify yourself with your audience."

A beautiful balance between theory and just doing it

It is not just about what you say, it is about how you say it
Your presence, your attitude, your posture. And the energy you release. I learned that you can make your strategy very clear and concise. And you can get people behind you. A PowerPoint presentation is not always the way to go. Someone gave the most brilliant presentation with just a few pieces of wood.” The last part of the training meant a big mind shift for Rob. He realised it is not about what you say, but how you say it. “There is a big difference between those. De Baak brings a beautiful balance between theory and just doing it.”

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