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Business leaders increasingly understand that learning is an essential tool for maintaining their organization’s leading position. De Baak co-creates tailor- madeprograms with you, or customized learning. This learning is not isolated but always linked to a higher goal: the strategic development of the organization.

International contexts

Organizations operate in international contexts. This requires specific approaches for intercultural management and understanding. De Baak has partnered with many international teams both large and small on topics that reflect a global dynamic.

Tailor made programs

We partner with our clients to provide tailor-made programs. These are generally developed in consultation with learning professionals within the organization and are designed to address the company's strategic development issues. The topics can be wide ranging, including executive development, organizational change, diversity, global leadership, management development, coaching, entrepreneurship and (international) team building, among others. Often these programs include multidisciplinary input also from line management, blended learning and action learning through strategically important projects.

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