Strong global leadership that helps aligning customer management strategies across the regions

Fujifilm Group is transcending its conventional business fields of ‘Imaging and Information’ to transform itself into a company that contributes to the development of culture, science, technology and industry, as well as improving health and environmental protection across society. To help enhance the quality of life towards realizing a society in which people enjoy spiritual and material wealth, it will strive to achieve its corporate philosophy through the three business fields of Imaging Solutions, Information Solutions and Document Solutions. Fujifilm operates in various business domains, such as Graphic Arts, Medical Systems, Photo Imaging, Optical Devices and Digital Camera equipment and, since recently, in Cosmetics (skin care, Astalift). The changing markets and further digitalization are having a serious impact on these business domains. Fujifilm decided it was time to enhance agility and to stimulate adjusting to these changes.

Building strong global leadership

Human Resources selected an important topic: building strong leadership. Furthermore, Fujifilm was aiming to secure aligned approaches in the management of the business across different countries, and to align customer management strategies across the regions. Fujifilm was also seeking to develop mutual understanding between global and regional/national organizations, recognizing that differences in business cultures may impact effective communication. De Baak understands these needs and designed a management development program, Management Essentials, led by international trainers.

Fresh views on one’s own leadership

Management Essentials is about exploring ways to integrate as effectively as possible the participant’s own potential, future perspectives and challenges in their everyday working reality. It is also about developing a deep understanding of how to translate strategic issues into effective and focused operations. It uses the full potential of what participants know about themselves as well as what the ongoing business developments are all about.

During the program, the main focus is on:

  • Leading oneself
  • Leading others
  • Leading one business and environment

Objectives of the Management Essentials Program

In short, the objectives of the program are to:

  • Provide the participants with effective communication and motivational tools
  • Enable participants to explore, experience and extend their own use of skills and tools
  • Help them to transfer the course-related experiences to their daily practices
  • Support them in connecting individual learning to organizational performance

Why should anyone led by you?

To reach these objectives, the trainers have selected strong models and a series of interactive exercises they use with the participants. All activities are oriented towards:

  • Discovering the full impact of Effective Communication and Feedback
  • Exploring, experiencing and extending participants’ use of perception, behavior, patterns
  • Transferring course-related experiences to daily business practices
  • Integrating individual learning with organizational performance

The tools used are interactive sessions, role playing, models that raise awareness and provide fresh insights, exchanges with peers.

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