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Since its creation in 1967, FM Logistic has become one of the international leaders in the different fields of supply chain management. As an independent group, it is recognized as an expert in the consumer goods, retail, perfume/cosmetics, industrial and health markets.
With 21,815 members of staff now based in 13 countries, FM Logistic has increased its turnover by 2.9% at constant rates this financial year, reaching 1,034 billion euros by 31 March 2016, and an operating profit of 30.6 million euros.

In September 2013, in order to support its ambitious strategy 2012-2022, FM Logistic started to deploy a leadership development program (Direction Platform). The objectives of the leadership development program are to:

  • Create a network of leaders within FM Logistic
  • Support the development of ‘leaders of the future’
  • Reduce the turnover at that management level
  • Reward high-performing managers and
  • Promote the idea of career development
The selected participants have gone through an assessment and are considered to be competitive, competent and skillful. They are leading large teams and/or Business Units and are used to taking responsibility for high turnover and large-scale operations. Scoring high on the Do part of their work, they need to develop the Reflect and Be parts to be able to meet their next challenges (i.e. grow to become Plant Manager). They have the potential to grow towards a high-responsibility position (Platform Director).

Since 2014, De Baak has co-designed and delivered two impactful modules in this Leadership Development program: one related to Personal Leadership and one to Effective Leadership Communication.

Key components of those modules are:

  • Understanding group dynamics and one’s own role and behavior within a team, leading and contributing, reciprocal relationships, commitment, patterns of influence
  • Understanding the importance and impact of networking, expanding and solidifying internal informal networks, as well as enhancing trust in one’s teams of internal and external stakeholders
  • Understanding the impact of co-creating authentic leadership: vision building and sharing, with a coaching and consulting approach, yet with a strong focus on objectives (caring and toughness)
The Personal Leadership Development module focuses on:

  • Increasing the level of self-knowledge
  • Discovering one’s strengths and areas of development (LIFO)
  • Learning how to manage and to benefit from a cross-cultural environment
  • Discovering the power of connections, peer-coaching and interaction

The Effective Managerial Communication module focuses on:

  • Increasing the level of self-awareness
  • Discovering the power of the balanced use of Emotional and Social Intelligences
  • Discovering one’s personal communication style
  • Discovering the impact of interaction, coaching and communication on performance

Every year, a new group starts its Learning and Development journey by attending the module on Personal Leadership. So far, the effective mix of rock solid models, smart games and thorough reflection has proven to be highly valued by the participants of the program. A good reason for FM Logistic to explore more fields of collaboration with De Baak.

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