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Judy van Zon

Something typically me: I lived the last 25 yrs in six different countries on 3 different continents. Being based in India for the last couple of years gave my work the spiritual depth it was waiting for. To relax my ever-active brain, I am looking into improv and dance, beyond the yoga that I love doing. I am currenly rebuilding Spanish horse stables into a boutique retreat for leaders that are in transition in life at work.

Fluent in: professional in Dutch, English, able to work in German (Spanish and French conversational)
Lives in: Huizen, the Netherlands since August 2016
Works internationally, currently mainly in Europe; is on faculty for two US coaching schools as trainer and supervisor
Fields of expertise: individual coaching, leadership development, team coaching and training using systems approach, spirituality (breathing, meditation); corporate focus
Personal values: responsibility, joy, consciously living life to the fullest, freedom, spiritual depth, gratitude, contributing, curiosity, open-minded, no-nonsense

International Faculty

Judy van Zon
International Faculty
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