Josette de Goede

<br/><strong>Something typically about me:</strong>I love long distance biking and never ending learning. And I love being able to add value to ‘new beginnings’ of individuals of organizations.

With over 30 years in leadership and supervisory roles, I have done training, coaching, and consulting in various international and national contexts. From my own experience, I know the challenges of leadership in practice, and that has had a huge impact on my work.

Fluent in: English with of course a little ‘Dutch accent’. Never a problem, my clients and I are understanding each other, so far.
Lives in: the Netherlands in the area of mills, de Zaanse Schans. North of Amsterdam. Although I have done many international projects around the globe and my responsibility for European clients for a couple of years, it has always been my home, my basecamp.
Works in: Wherever it is relevant
Fields of expertise: Leadership and Change. Using a multidisciplinary approach for realizing changes.
Josette has  two masters in Change Management (SIOO + HEC and Oxford University). She operates as change leader, coach, and teacher in leadership and change. In addition, she works as a moderator and as a supervisor at educational institutions and housing corporations. 
“My strength and passion: stimulating transformation in a way that really works, with a constructive impact on all stakeholders. I enjoy challenging awareness, offering new perspectives, exploring interrelated factors in a clear but appealing way and to connect all of this on a deeper level with the underlying forces of life. Seriously but with humor”.
Personal values: `"Beyond our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there" Rumi.

Josette de Goede
International Faculty
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