Jaap Ozinga

<br/><strong>Something typically about me:</strong> My profile is about giving trust and comfort. At the same time I’m critical on intentions. If it is clear and simple, you don’t need me.

Fluent in: English, French
Lives in: The Netherlands
Works in: Europe/Worldwide
Fields of expertise: Personal/Professional development, Leadership development, Appreciative Inquiry, Cross Culture Connection, Emotional Patterns and Coping Strategies, Group development and dynamics, providing skills for international groups to better cooperate with satisfying results. Executive coaching, personal coaching, career coaching. Moderating groups of senior executives. Fostering reflection. Creating opportunities to reflect and introspect. All this should be applicable in personal and professional execution.
Personal values: Always questioning the why. Being present with confidence and experience, combined with an audacious curiosity about drivers and assumptions.

Jaap Ozinga
International Faculty
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