Elsbeth van Riessen

<br/><strong>Something typically about me:</strong> I am a very curious person. In organizational context I am always looking for the WHY. I always dare to ask questions. And I challenge others to do the same. I stimulate others to create movement and explore their creativity. I start the courageous conversation.

Lives in: The Netherlands, Leidschendam (The Hague Area).
Works in: This periode of my life I prefer to work in Europe.
Fields of Expertise: In company programs with a development path of leading yourself, leading others, leading the business, Management Development, Talent Development, Change Management, Conflict Management. Executive Coaching & Teamcoaching, Life Coaching.
Personal Values: Curiousity, Openess, Humor, Honesty, Open Heart and Open Mind, Playfulness.

Elsbeth van Riessen
International Faculty
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