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Looking for inspiration for your in-company courses on leadership development, international cooperation and talent development? Would you like to talk to like-minded professionals such as HR Managers, HR Directors, HR Advisors and Learning Developers in various industries?

If you’re a decision maker for your organization’s training, then come to our interactive and informal networking meetup. You’ll meet others and discuss the challenges of learning and development in a range of organizations.

Tuesday, 4 June 2019 | 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM (including lunch)

The Future of Work

The future of work is undergoing a big shift. Technology replaces repetitive human tasks but also creates new jobs, new industries, and triggers new competitive advantages. The workforce becomes higher educated, more specialized, more autonomous, and more digitally equipped. The labor market itself becomes more flexible in order to cope with increasing market dynamics.

Relying on data, facts, and figures in this business environment is not always the best strategy. Sure, we can learn from the past. But we can’t rely on it to tell us what the future holds.

A better tactic is to embrace foresight. To understand what’s going to happen next. To think the unthinkable. To be ready for the unexpected and to free yourself from the narrow view of the past. Foresee the future and a world of options will open up to you.

In this session Bart Götte introduces his perspective on the future of work. Afterwards, Eskil Elfferich (senior in-company expert) and Katrien Braekmans (director in-company and senior in-company expert) from De Baak discuss what this means for training and development in the corporate world. How do we prepare people for future jobs, and what's your role in this? We'll work interactively to elaborate on the subject matter, to discuss a range of possibilities, and to look at your own situation.

Bart Götte is a business futurist, he operates at the fringe of psychology, business, & technology. As the founder of FutureFlock, he challenges executives, policy makers, and professionals to think ahead. Bart expands the strategic scope of organizations. He uncovers looming perspectives and opportunities in an ever-changing society.

To prepare for these interactive sessions and to tailor the program to all participants, we’ll phone you beforehand to ask what you’d like to discuss. We look forward to meeting you!

These meetups are intended exclusively for HR (co-) Decision Makers, HR Advisors, Learning Developers and Managing Directors working in organizations that are committed to the development of their employees.

9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
(including lunch)

De Baak
Landgoed de Horst
De Horst 1
3971 KR Driebergen

Participation is free

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