Virtual classes


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Virtual classes

Our virtual classes are offering learning when and where it makes sense in your daily schedule. Offering 45 minute facilitated, virtual classes, you get the convenience of e-Learning with the depth and debate of a facilitated, physical class. Without the traveling. 

The underlying technologies and best practices have supported international learning efforts in market leading organizations of all sizes, from 15 to 100.000 employees. At present, our catalog of virtual classes is being transitioned from internal projects to open programs, covering core leadership topics such as authenticity, efficiency, communication, collaboration and feedback.

The full catalog will be launched this summer.

Upon launch, the following core concepts will be available:

  • Leadership TAO – taking time, making agreements and being observant
  • Authenticity – knowing what you stand for makes decisions
  • Efficiency - planning, prioritization and getting things done
  • Communication – clear-cut, motivational and inspiring action
  • Collaboration - creating and developing high-performance teams

Pending demand and the need as building blocks inside larger programs, the following essential skills may also be made available: Leveraging open questions, Giving and receiving feedback, Reasoning with reptile reactions, Reading body language, Bridging cultural concerns and Real distance leadership.

Physical Programs

Our virtual classes participate in both tailor-made programs for specific clients and open programs, which are offered primarily in Europe and Asia.

Where relevant — often due to cost and travel concerns — the two delivery forms are merged in to high-impact flows, where fundamental theories are covered through the virtual classes that makes the time spent physically together in training all the more valuable.