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Start date
  • 26 February
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  • De Horst Estate
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    Accommodation costs €244,50 incl. VAT per module(*), in total €489,00
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TRAIL is a two-day program, given on two separate occasions – a high-impact training package for the international leader. It brings together the most effective tools from nearly 20 open and in-company programs, attended by more than 500 participants from around the world.

Why join our program?

Trail is a learning journey that strengthens your leadership foundations. TRAIL helps you understand cultural complexities and build international high-performance teams. Working with the TAO leadership – take Time, make Agreements, be Observant – combined with detailed exercises, you will transition your leadership to the next level, where your employees choose you as their leader.

The TRAIL program comes from the complex environments of large-scale industrial installations. TRAIL addresses the growing realization that individual leadership plays an ever stronger role in the prevention of and response to disasters; be that personal, project, financial or environmental. The program provides a platform where you can establish new ‘next practices’ that help you face your personal and business challenges. You will experience what other leaders are doing in the world, build on their knowledge, and learn to empower yourself to become an effective and trusted leader. Taking the TRAIL will help you increase your knowledge and skills, and create opportunities for sharing international experiences.

Download: The program card of the program TRAIL

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Training results

By completing the program, you will get a deeper insight about yourself and the way you approach essential leadership dilemmas. You will gain a rich understanding of your underlying motivation and how this influences others, especially in challenging encounters and in the run-up to time-crunched deadlines. In addition you will:

  • Improve essential interpersonal leadership competencies
  • Be inspired in leadership behaviors beyond the beaten tracks
  • Develop a personal foundation for better decisions
  • Have specific tools to deal proactively with complex situations
  • Improve your observation capability across cultural differences
  • Increase your intercultural awareness and appreciation
  • Strengthen your self-efficacy and thus readiness to engage
  • Increase your intercultural awareness and appreciation


Training structure

Day 1 - Foundation

  • Learning objectives and personal goals
  • Values, allergies and dilemma decisions

Day 2 - Reactions

  • TAO principles: take Time, make Agreements, be Observant
  • Time, reptile reactions and proactive prioritization
  • Communication and change management

Day 3 - Collaboration

  • Agreements, motivation and delegation
  • Open questions and the skill/will prism
  • Observe, feedback, body language and intercultural aspects

Day 4 - Team

  • Team development and intercultural appreciation
  • Intervention and conflict management
  • Individual application and closing

Free advice

If you want to know which of our programs would best suit your learning objectives or if you have other questions, do not hesitate to contact our program advisors, call +31 343 55 6369 or send an email to

If you are interested in joining TRAIL, you can participate in a webinar 'Working in Cross-Cultural Teams'. Next date and time coming soon.


Find the booklet with all the training materials in the article list below.

Intercultural (international) Context

All through the TRAIL program there is an added emphasis on the challenges facing leaders in intercultural (international) organizations. The many challenges and real-life cases bring the participants a unique blend of best practices and applied learnings from intercultural collaborations across nearly all Europe and extending from Asia to the United States.

TRAIL is also available as an in-company program, tailor-made for your organization. Please contact us for more information by phone via +31 343 55 6369.

And, please contact us if you are interested in joining this program with three or more participants from your company. Discount possibilities are available.


Leadership, authenticity, time awareness, communication, change management, agreements, cross-cultural collaboration, motivation, delegation, observations, body language, feedback, team development, conflict management, intercultural engagements, risk dialogue and learning application, cross-cultural collaboration.
Intercultural (international) developing leaders, developing leaders, departmental and team leaders and project managers with daily international and other leadership responsibilities who depend on team success, often with 5-25 direct reports and 2+ years of real leadership experience.


This program has a minimum of 8 and maximum of 16 participants.

When and Where

Start date: Monday 26 February De Horst Estate Click for more details

This training has 2 modules of 2 days, each time starting at 9:30 on day 1 and ending at 17:00 on day 2.

The dates are:
Module I: February 26-27, 2018
Module II: April 9-10, 2018

Location: Landgoed de Horst, Driebergen

The team

  • ulrik_ramsing_230
    • Ulrik Ramsing
    • International faculty
    • Katrien Braeckmans
    • International faculty