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We work with you to make an impact on different levels

Open programs

De Baak’s programs are specifically designed to make an impact on different levels: you as a person, your organization and society as a whole. Leadership, (internal) entrepreneurship and innovation as a mindset are always part of the curriculum to the degree that they apply to the program subject. Subjects vary from communication skills to financial management. Each learning assignment is rooted in the business context.

Start from your personal learning needs

Expert facilitators and trainers see to it that your learning process is greatly enhanced by the dynamics in the group. Your fellow participants will be from diverse backgrounds. We always start from your personal learning needs. An optional consultation will assist you to choose the program that best suits you. For each phase in your career, we have a program facilitating your growth. Note: All our programs are available to tailor make an English language program for your business or organization.


Transparent International Leadership (TRAIL)

Bringing your leadership to the next level...

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