International Coaching


Become the best version of your 'professional self' within the global context!

International coaching

Coaching offers you an opportunity to look at yourself from different angles, allowing you ‘to become the best version of yourself’. Its impact is most profound when combining exploration and playfulness with your commitment to personal and professional growth. When people around you start noticing the difference you were looking for in your day-to-day performance, you know you have reached your goal.

Living and working in an international setting often means operating outside your comfort zone. It poses specific challenges and may require special attention: how do you respond to and incorporate different cultural values into your own? How do you remain yourself in a new and sometimes strange culture? How do you deal with different communication or hierarchical styles? The coaches in our network are from different countries and backgrounds, and have first-hand knowledge of situations similar to yours. In a professional consultation we will match you with just the right person to help you get a fresh perspective on your personal or business challenge. Because our clients commonly live anywhere in the world, we offer a choice of coaching sessions ‘offline’ (face-to-face at one of our inspirational locations) as well as online (web-based anywhere in the world). We offer what suits your needs best.

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