Through learning individuals can become the agent of change, growth or innovation within the organization.

Philosophy of learning

De Baak is dedicated to the human side of enterprise. Our commitment is to helping people and organizations become their most effective selves. To partnering them in meeting their potential. To exploring with them- and helping to reveal- the depth and richness of their talents and possibilities. Through learning individuals can become the agent of change, grow or innovation within the organization. Which results in a stronger, more resilient organization that also might contribute to forming healthy societies. The things we find important:

1. Create Partnerships 

We at De Baak are committed to building ever-evolving learning partnerships with clients. We share with you the pleasure and the challenges of learning. Knowledge is dynamic; in healthy organizations, knowledge grows. At De Baak, we aim to be your company’s learning partner—to ensure that the knowledge within your organization grows. This partnership approach also keeps De Baak strong. Responding to changes in the market and society, we redesign regularly our programs and offerings. We introduce fresh learning methods and innovative technologies—to help you meet new challenges. 

2. Lead Through Knowledge

Knowledge is a prerequisite for all leaders; in the current knowledge economy, one must be smart to survive. De Baak clients rely on learning to help them perform well. We take the role of overseeing your learning, helping you track personal and professional development. 

3. The Individual is Paramount

De Baak sees individuals as autonomous. That means empowering people to set learning goals for themselves. Participants are responsible for their own learning processes. We encourage people to take part fully in the training experience, to act as full-fledged members of the group. This sets the stage for self-actualization. 

4. Stay Relevant

In our programs, we work with situations that come straight from participants’ working environments—from the boardroom to the factory floor. Situations that emerge during the training itself are also useful. In the immediacy of the moment, participants can develop awareness of their impact on others—and of their resources usually kept in reserve. 

5. Keep Current

As a leader, it’s vital to be up-to-date on developments in business, society, and culture. That’s why De Baak’s programs are rooted in the “here and now.” De Baak courses help keep you current on the trends that impact your profession—and your life. 

6. Get “Real” 

De Baak dares people to look inward and outward, seeing themselves as others see them. It’s our role to challenge you: to be open; to acknowledge differences; and to integrate these differences into your personal and professional life. 

7. Cultivate Results

Thinking alone doesn’t produce change. De Baak instructors know that results must be invoked, nurtured–cultivated. Observation and reflection, for example, lead to experimentation and results. Giving and receiving feedback is another crucial factor. And the questions that individuals ask—spontaneous inquiries, pursued with curiosity and vigor—lead to optimal results. 

8. “Embed” Learning within Organizations 

Training that is tied closely to organizations can make the greatest impact. De Baak often “embeds” trainers in client companies for this reason. Embedded instruction can take the form of action-learning projects, internal mentorship, and coaching programs. 

9. Learn to Lead in Business and Society

Who leads in business? Those with knowledge of themselves; others; the business; and the organization. At De Baak, you become sensitized to new questions, new knowledge: how can I, as a leader, help people flourish? What are my team members’ and employees’ motivations? What about their needs? How can I be a catalyst in developing their talents?