The new manager is a perpetual learner

How do you make a culture that binds and is flexible?

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The six habits that new managers really should dispense with

Learning something new is always high on the list of any manager. But now that ...

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Develop the coaching leader in yourself

Coaching leadership is becoming increasingly important. Themes like sustainable employability, ...

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Are you really hearing what your team is saying?

Listening more attentively improves team performance and enhances creativity. And the good news is that listening is something you can learn. Three valuable pieces of advice. ...

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This is why NXP does not only need leaders of the 'engineering types'

Smart cars that communicate with each other, with infrastructure, and with the driver: NXP is developing chips that will make this possible. The strongly competitive semi-conductor market means ...

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This is how you rely on your intuition

As organizations become more and more autonomous, their leaders have to learn how ...

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How does your team become skilled at finding solutions? Six tips

Change programs are intended to make organizations more effective, often to be able ...

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How can you manage smartly as a change manager?

Are you a manager or project manager who has to implement change? ...

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Conflict at work? Yes!

In flexible and innovative organizations, conflicts are more, not less, likely ...

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The Seven Biggest Mistakes of Intercultural Management

Intercultural society places unique demands on leadership. ...

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