Rutger Slump

<br/><strong>Something typically about me:</strong> Rutger is an experienced Executive Trainer, Speaker and (Team) Coach with a focus on Innovation and Team Development in a fast changing environment, and is author of the management book “Changemaker”. He works on the Human side of Innovation to create space for a sustainable development. Rutger facilitates professionals, teams and organisations to develop their authentic vision and gives them tools to have more impact in continuous changing environments. He does this by helping them to make sense of seemingly complex situations, and finding ways to create more impact and creativity. Humor, playfulness and openess are always part of the way he works. Let’s get started!

Fluent in: Dutch, English
Lives in: The Netherlands
Works in: The world
Fields of expertise: Leadership, Innovation, Strategy, Team Development, Agility, Improvisation, Changemaker, Creativity
Personal values: Contributing to a sustainable world in a enviromental, economic and social way

Rutger Slump
International Faculty
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